Care From Home

Aiding and empowering at-home caregivers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What is Care From Home?

Care From Home is an app that provides users with medically-recommended treatment guidelines and prompts caregivers to track symptoms and monitor patient improvement, enabling them to care for themselves or others while at home. The platform also leverages the global nature of the pandemic by creating a virtual community of those caring for themselves or others in quarantine, preventing isolation and loneliness by allowing caregivers and patients to offer each other support and strength during this difficult time.

Symptom Assessment

Monitor patient symptoms with the symptom assessment, with information on when to seek emergency medical attention

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Guided Care

Information on the best way to meet patient needs while keeping yourself and other household members safe and healthy

Caregiver Support

Resources to help caregivers manage stress and wellbeing, as well as work, children, and other responsibilities as they give care

Why Care From Home?

By equipping people the best possible medical advice and resources, we might ensure that they can provide quality at-home care for loved ones while preventing the spread of the coronavirus to themselves and other household members. Increasing the quality of at-home care will hopefully lead to better outcomes for patients in general, and alleviate pressure on the healthcare system by limiting hospitalizations to those who truly need them to recover, as per the CDC’s recommendation that those who aren’t categorized as “at-risk” try to recover at home.


Leverage the global nature of this unprecedented pandemic by connecting with others affected by COVID-19, sharing experiences, advice, best care practices, strength, and support

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Physician Assistance

Access to available providers for questions and advice, at your fingertips

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